Friday, May 21, 2010

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Video Watch It

broke the news Thursday that they had been approached by the controllers of a sex tape video allegedly featuring rapper Nicki Minaj. Those controlling the sex tape videos have put

the revealing footage on the market at a starting price of $100,000, according to, who admittedly don't have that kind of leverage. The gossip site notes that they have seen the alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape video and that the girl (or someone who looks a lot like Nicki Minaj) does some "freaky stuff" on camera. Apparently the video was shot a couple years ago, because the woman in the sex tape alleged to be Nicki Minaj looks somewhat younger. And if it does happen to be the 25-year-old rapper, the sex tape video's existence would be a direction she states she does not want to take with her music.

She told Fader magazine in February, "I don't know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet ... people thought I was more of a sex symbol or wannabe sex symbol." Minaj added, "I'm trying to entertain, and entertaining is more than exuding sex appeal. I don't think that's fun. I don't find it fun watching someone trying to be sexy. It's wack." Whack or not, Nicki Minaj might have to fit into the rap spectrum as a sex symbol. One with a sex tape video. Until someone purchases the Nicki Minaj sex tape video and gets some excerpts, we are stuck with Nicki Minaj trying oh-so-hard not to exude sex appeal in videos like "BedRock" with Young Money.

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